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379 Calves incubator

Calves Incubator to the newborn calf during the first hours after birth. After two hours the calf is dry and warm and fit for fight.
kr. 5.800,00

8062 Bovibloc Lim

Effective goodworking glue, 200 ml at an economic price
kr. 140,00


For pasteurizing and thawing of colostrum in Perfect Udder Bags can take 2 bags per time. Thawing only takes 20-25 minutes
kr. 26.000,00

38-6106 4 pack reusable colostrum bags/Trusti tuber/ teat

4 colostrum bags 1 Trusti tuber 1 teat 1 brush
kr. 298,00

Say Red PP

kr. 170,00

9376 SlurryBugs

aspecial deveoped combination of bacteria and enzymes. Maximizes the retension of Nitrogen, Carbon, Phosfor, Zinc in the slurry, so that the fertilizer effect is markedly increased and the emission reduced Improves the liquidity of slurry 100 gram treats 450 tons of slurry. A very welldocumented product
kr. 1.343,00
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