38-6103 Replacement tube


Replacement Tube for both the Flexi Tuber and the Trusti Tuber. The gentle tube ensures safe swallowing and a comfortable procedure for your calf. Calf size markers guide optimum tube positioning for different calf sizes.

  • Cost efficient.
  • Durable.
  • Flexible

Product Description

Replace only what you need. The replacement tube is for use with both Antahi Tubers. A durable flexible tube with quality moulding of the specially designed safety tip and quality printing of the calf size markers. The transparency means you can see when it is clean and the tube is much less prone to dangerous burrs than other feeders. The chosen materials and sleek design ensure minimal areas for bacterial build up.

For flex sake, use a flexible tube!

To replace tube:
Pull the old tube off the bottle cap. Remove the black sleeve. Pull old tube out of mouthpiece. Slide new tube in. Slide stopper on. Push onto cap - use hot water to soften the end.

  • Moulded safety tip.
  • Calf size markers.
  • Transparent.
  • Durable.