38-6106 4 pack reusable colostrum bags/Trusti tuber/ teat

4 colostrum bags 1 Trusti tuber 1 teat 1 brush

This pack allows 20 feeds (4 x reusable bags) as well as an award winning durable drencher and high quality teat/nipple to continue to use with future Trusti Colostrum Bags.

Colostrum bags are the perfect solution for easy storing, fast thawing, pasteurisation, and direct feeding of high quality gold colostrum.  Antahi has combined premium design features, environmental consideration, and the most calf friendly feeders all in one!
  • Large spout for easy filling and cleaning
  • Transparent side – see the colostrum contents, see the colostrum level reduce during feeding
  • Reusable – due to durability and easy-to-clean design, the Trusti colostrum bag is the only colostrum bag designed to be reused.
  • Comfortable handle
  • Pasteurisation friendly
  • Large capacity – four litres freezes flat for fast thaw
  • Thaw in less than 20 minutes
  • Bag pops open after use to air dry
  • Incorporating the award-winning, premium Trusti Tuber and Flexi Tuber calf drenchers
    • Kinder easier, safer, faster
  • High quality, durable world-renowned teat/nipple