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38-91 Digital Colostrometer kit

Brix Digitalt colostrometer for measuring immunoglobulines in the rawmilk. The measuring can be made regardless of the temperature of the sample Very precise and easy to carry out.¨The whole analysis only needs three " press" on a button The kit contains Brix Refractometer, dermineralized water, spraybottle, tampons, pipettes

38-0303 C-5pk Nipple assembly / Sutter - pk.5 pcs.

Nipple to use for PerfectUdder Bags

38-0330 Filling Station.

Filling station for use for filling colostrum in Perfect Udder bags. Consists of holder to nail on the wall, in which the bag is hold, funnel and measuring container. Makes it easy to fill in colostrup. Very easy to clean

38-0328 Caddy for Perfect Udder Bag

Practical "Caddy" for carrying the Perfect Udder bags- leaves one arm free for handling the calf

38-6130 Trusti Pasteur

Til pasteurisering af råmælk i Trusti Colostrum-poser. Til hurtig og sikker optøning og opvarmning af råmælk i råmælksposer.