Colostrum bags

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38-0312 CB2-only 50 bag kit / colostrum

The Perfect Udder bag ius the bag that meets all demands. Colostrum is easily filled iinto the bag (with the filling station)the bag is pasteurized, frozen, stored, thawed and given to the calf. All without leaving the bag, which minimizes the risk for contamination. Use the nipple, the deluxe tube or the soft antahi tube Recent research has proven that colostrum in 2 liter portions is better for the calf than 4 liter

38-0318 CB3-only 50 bag kit

Perfect Udder Kit with ONLY Bags We recommend to use a nipple or the soft Antahi tube with the bag

38-0324 CB4-only bags kit, 50 pcs.

Only Bags (50 pcs) We recommed to use a teat or the gentle Antahi tube with the Perfect Udderbag

38-6107 Trusti colostrum bags 4 ltr - reuseable

Genbrugelige Trusti Colostrum bag 4 ltr.