Erri-Comfort® Cowmatresses

Erri-Comfort® New Generation

The Erri-Comfort mattresses have been developed by Dairy Veterinarians taking the nature of the cow and its physical and physiological needs into consideration, in order to secure that the matresses provide optimal rest and comfort.


The Erri-Comfort mattresses increase the similarity between staying in the fields with grass - the period of rest is increased strikingly

The blood flow through the udder increases and milk production goes up

Erri-Comfort mattresses makes it easier for the cows to lie down and to get up, the strain on the fore knees decreases

Erri-Comfort mattresses makes it easier to teach the cows, in newly built barns, to lie in the cubicles and not in the alley

Erri-Comfort mattresses keeps the cows clean and occurrence of Mastitis decreases in numbers 

Less bedding is needed


Erri-Comfort mattress is environmmentally friendly. The manufacture has been planned according to a principle of recycling material and thereby utilizing the resources as much as possible.

Erri-Comfort mattress is filled with rubber granulate from old tires or polyetylen granulate. The vulcanized rubber/PE granulate has water restent properties, therfore the water activity is kept too low to allow growth of bacteria.