cattle barrier

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9108,9109 Green-Dip DIP

Two component disinfectant for prevention of Mastitis New Infections. Formation of barrier. Based on in-situ develoment of Chlorine Dioxide Viscous product suitable for dipping Very effective Effect against bacteria, yeast, vira, spores Special conditioning effect

9108/9110 Green Dip sæt SPRAY

Two component disinfection for prevention of Masttis New Infections Based on in-situ formation of Chlorine Dioxide Suitable fpor spraying

9127 Iodine Spray pattespray with Iodine,

Effective disinfective for cows teats for prevention of Mastitis New Infections. approved for use before and after milking Available as Spray, dip and with foam 'Available in 20, 200 land 900 liter containers November 2019 Approved for Europe!

9129 Iodine Spray 200 l.

Erri-Comfort® Aqua super Multi plus JOD Pattespray Velegnet til robot og automatspray Anvendes ufortyndet Bredspektret virkning Effekt mod Mykoplasma