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9010 Calcium Supplement, 5 liter

For cows suffering from Calcium deficit, before and after calving Very effective Bypasses the rumen is deposited directly into the abomasum from where the absorption rtakes please

9012 Keto-Nia Supplement, 5 liter

Very effective Use 200 ml

9013 Drench Gun 200 ml

Use for application of Calcium-, Keto-Nia- and Magnesium Supplement use 200 ml per time

35-01 E-Pill, 4 x 100g.

Dietary food supplement for prevention and aftercare of Ketosis

35-03 Ca-Pill, 4 x 85 g.

Dietetic feeding Supplement Calcium pills for the lack of Calcium after calving. Contains Calcium Lactate Give 2 pills before calving and 2 pills the day after. Easy to give with the help of an applicatot. No risk for aspiration.

35-07 Se-Pill, 4 x 80 g.

To all heifers 3 weeks before calving. Prevents lack of Selenium and Vitamin-E Contains 80 mg Selen og 4.3 g Vitamin E.

35-06 Bi-Pill, 80g. (4 in a box)

Dietary nutritional supplements to neutralize acidosis in calves with diarrhea Give immediately when a calf refuses to drink. Neutralizes the acid in the stomach. Acid gives pain, when the pain disappears the calf starts to drink again