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385 BioX Diagnostic set 5

Rainbow Unique, easy functioning test kit. for diagnosing the possible agens for scouring in calves. Secure, quick and effective. Determines with great security Rota-,Corona virus, E.coli, Cl. perfringens and Cryptosporidia

35-06 Bi-Pill, 80g. (4 in a box)

Dietary nutritional supplements to neutralize acidosis in calves with diarrhea Give immediately when a calf refuses to drink. Neutralizes the acid in the stomach. Acid gives pain, when the pain disappears the calf starts to drink again

9015 Enterolyt 2 kg

Dietetic feed supplement, with glucose and absorbing fibers To use for calves with diarré

380 GYN-Stick

A new tool for bovine obstetrics For information: